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Premarital Education

Research indicates premarital counseling reduces divorce by 31%. (Olson) We have taken 200 couples through the premarital process using the assessment tool, Prepare and Enrich.  We are seminar directors for Prepare Enrich,  which means we train therapists and clergy  to use the assesment. 

Every Marriage Needs Maintenance

Many couples erroneously think that relationships just work out on their own, but even couples from good family backgrounds have blind spots and need some refresher courses from time to time. Just like your car needs regular oil changes and tune-ups, so your marriage needs regular maintenance.According to the American Journal of Family Therapy, an average couple involved in regular marriage education is able to outperform 83 % of couples who do not participate in programs such as those designed to help couples hone their communication skills.

Not Just for Marriages in Crisis

Some people think that marriage education is only for couples who are in trouble; nothing could be further from the truth. Even healthy marriages need regular marriage education and coaching. 

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