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Our couple coaching services  are psycho-educational, meaning they are designed to serve as teaching and guidance and are not designed to be couples therapy. We offer Marital workshops and seminars.  Our workshops are interactive and employ adult learning principles.   In our practice ,we use the  Gottman Method, a well researched and highly validated method of coaching. 


PREPARE/ENRICH® is an assessment tool for premarital as well as married couples.  PREPARE/ENRICH® offers customized assessments for all stages of marriage. The program includes six private coaching sessions.

Couples who participate in PREPARE/ENRICH ® report they are able to:

Identify marital strengths

Explore personality traits

Strengthen communication skills

Manage conflict

Reduce stress

Compare family backgrounds

Discuss financial goals

Establish goals.


The Seven Principles of Marriage® program teaches partners new and startling strategies for making their marriage work. The program teaches couples how to build skills and improve their relationship. Eighty-four percent of couples who complete the program report an improvement in their relationship.

You will learn to: 

Discover Love Maps

Nurture fondness and admiration

Turn toward one another

Accept influence

Solve solvable problems

Overcome gridlock

Create shared meaning  

family life coaching

Gottman Institute’s Emotion Coaching®program and the PREPARE/ENRICH Parenting Assessment®are used to strengthen family relationships. The program includes six private coaching sessions.

Features of Emotion Coaching:

Catching emotions before they escalate

See emotions as opportunities to learn

Learn to validate emotions

Give verbal labels to emotions

Set limits of misbehavior

Teach probelm solving strategies

The PREPARE/ENRICH Parenting Assessment®teaches parents to:

Examine parenting style

Strengthen family communication

Manage parental stress

Identify behavioral concerns

Learn steps of emotion control

Help your child problem solve

All  programs may be used to strengthen  couple relationships

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