Family Life Coaching of Minnesota was founded on the love that Jim and Patty share.

Jim and Patty Robinson have been married for forty-five years. They trained at the Gottman Insititute, the foremost training center for marriage education as marriage leaders and are level two therapists.  They are graduate level certified Family Life Coaches receiving certification from North Carolina State University. In addition, they are  PREPARE ENRICH certified trainers and seminar leaders.  Patty and Jim are members of the Family Life Coaching Association. Patty holds a social work degree and a master degree in marriage and family therapy. Jim holds a BA in Business and a Juris Doctorate from Washburn University.  Jim is a fellow of Wharton School of Business. 

Patty Robinson
Jim Robinson

The study of families has  been Patty's passion for many years. Patty began her career as an adoption social worker before  turning  her attention toward families in faith based communities. A former mentor mom through MOPS International, Patty developed a workshop called "Parenting on Purpose"© designed for young families. 

Patty holds a Social Work degree and  a master degree in Adlerian Psychotherapy, Marriage and Family Therapy. 

She enjoys reading, photography, spending time with her grandchildren and traveling with husband Jim.

Jim is a retired corporate regional director, Johnson & Johnson.

For twenty-seven years he led, coached and managed men and women to achieve their business goals.

Jim is a certified life coach, certified family life coach He is   a Gottman trained marriage and parent leader.

Jim enjoys scuba diving, traveling to warm locations, and cooking.  He is an avid reader and enjoys teaching Bible Studies. 

He loves spending time on the lake in his boat, teaching the grandchildren to fish.